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At Lintz Bros. Pizza, we serve great pizza with personality, and people love us for it. We want you to love our pizza as much as we do, which is why we make sure that our pizza is always fresh, hot, and delicious in a family-friendly atmosphere. Lintz Bros. Pizza has been awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence Award for all of the great reviews that have been posted about us. Not only do people love us on TripAdvisor, check out some of the wonderful things people have said about us in our guestbook!

Visit us today and try what others are calling, “the best pizza ever.”


Great pizza pie!

The Blanke Family

Great pizza! Loved it, thanks!

Tennant family

Completely delicious! Love the Pizza Mac!


Honestly, The best pizza I have ever had!





Garniss Family

This is the best pizza!

Abbie, Dave, Camille, & Audrey

Have you considered adding deep dish pizza to your tasty menu?


So worth the drive from Rapid! Thank you!


Great food, great time! Thanks.

Gass family


Roxanna & Sandi

The best pizza, we came all the way from Utah!

Tim & Jessica

Wonderful pizza, we'll be back again!

Jim & Sharon

One of the best pizza's we've had! Excellent. Chelsea and Kez were awesome. Made our day! Great food and great people.

Stephen & Connie

We are on vacation with our family and saw this cute place passing by. We were worried you were going to be closed & would have to go hungry on our way back to our tent. This place is AMAZING & we will be back & we will pass the word on! Thank you!

The Lundqudts

Pizza is awesome. Need to open a place like this in Oklahoma City.

Ignacio & April

Great pizza guys!


SOOOOO sad that you have closed the Rapid City location. I don't understand why? Every time we go in there it is packed full!! Bring it back... please. It is our absolute FAVORITE pizza in Rapid.. nothing compares. AND, we love our military discount!!

Lisa Russ

Love the Pizza!

Mark & Pam

Good food! Love the pig wings and pizza!

The Gibson's

You are officially the 'Mad Scientist' of pizza!


Awesome Pizza! Amazing Service!


Relish- Best pizza ever!


Awesome pizza- loved it!

T. Randall

Your pizzas are always awesome! You need to expand east to Mitchell & Sioux Falls

C. Powell

We are here from Tucson, AZ. This is the best pizza we have had! Do not miss this place for pizza or wings, Simply Awesome!

Larry White

Great food and service, Thank you!

Dave, Amy, & Aidan

Never had anything like the Flying German Samoan, it was INCREDIBLE! Great job!

Justin & Vanessa

Yum! Yum!

Jerry & Pappy Williams

Great Pizza!


Great place to eat right off of Hwy 79! Very friendly staff and wonderful pizza!

Melanee Lewis

Great Pizza!

Matt & Tricia

Well I've never had such a fresh and delicious pizza before. I give you *****.


God Bless ya'll


Damn good pizza! Sorry Dominos your done!

Jerry & Sharon

The only thing better than the pizza was the hospitality. Thank you!


We have eaten here 3x while camping near by! Great pizza & chicken wings.

Ray & Jan

This was a great find after exiting Custer State Park. Wonderful Pizza! Thank you so much.

The Smith Family

Thank You. A Great Pizza! Very Enjoyable!

Gord & Elaine

Hands down the best pizza around. I consider myself a pizza fanatic and when it comes to great pizza you get what you pay for. Lintz Bothers pizza is worth every penny!!! I love it!!!


Will tell our friends!

The Toft family

The best pizza I can ever remember eating & the pig wings AWESOME.


Great pizza, we will be back!

Dorothy & Dale

Awesome Buffalo Chicken pizza!

Dave & Cheryl

Was there 2 yrs ago. Eat there 3 times while visiting black hills. Waiting for one in Kentucky. Hurry up.

Mike Burton

Great Pizza!

Rick & Harriet

Just the best.

Paul and Tracy

Great! We'll be back!

Dave & Laura



Great pizza, great quality!

Luke & Reece

Thank you so much! Best pizza ever!


Best taco pizza ever enjoyed!!!!

Elizabeth & Neil

Great Pizza, tender story-very heartfelt. Enjoyed the whole experience.

Dave & Darlene

I love your pizza! J


First time trying. Always heard good things!

Hockley family

What a beautiful state you have! Enjoyed our stay!


The pizza from Lintz is fantastic!

Raymond & Patricia

BEST Pizza anywhere!


Great pizza!

Ken & Tina

Pizza was great


Very, Very good pizza!

Joe & Joe

We live in a motorhome and Rapid City is our home base. We travel around the US and Lintz Bros. Pizza is the best we can find. Can't wait to get back to Rapid City so we can get the best pizza ever.

Bob & Sue Conant

Great as usual!

Stu & Shirley

Drove from California to eat your pizza and had it last summer. Also best I've ever eaten!


Great pizza from the Tennis Club in Minneapolis!


Still our favorite pizza joint!

The Liskd's

We love this Pizza & drove miles for it


Staying at Custer State Park and needed an easy meal for 12 people. Lintz Bros. Pizza saved the day. Called in our order, picked it up less than 30 minutes later, and 15 minutes after that the rave reviews rolled in! Great crusts and the best ingredients were a hit all around for a hungry crowd! Whatever you do, don’t forget the cinnamon bites for dessert! A destination for us whenever we come to the Black Hills.

Patti & Jay

Awesome Staff, great food!


Amazing Pizza, it's delicious!


Great Pizza!

Ron & Nicole

Awesome service, Awesome food!!


All the way from Elylia, Ohio to get this pizza! Hopefully it makes it back home!

Tony, Tanner & Kaeleigh

I've eaten a lot of Pizza-this was THE BEST!


Best taco pizza I've ever had!

Sarah & Luke

Good Grub!

Denver, Diane & Carl

Best Pizza we've had in years.

Sherri & Jack

Thx for super pizza


Wonderful pizza!


Visiting from Ohio, the pizza was absolutely Fantastic!! Can't wait to have it again. Thank you


The food was great, thanks! Service-awesome!

Nathan & Meeka

We came from Texas to have your piozza!

John & Sue

It was so finger-licking good. Hope we come back with friends! Fabulous!

Family Pousonoff

Best pizza we've ever had! Thanks!

Alfred & Carolyn

Outstanding pizza, service, and venue! We had the Supreme, Big Fat Greek and Memphis BBQ, and all were 5 star! Definitely worth a visit!


Great pizzas, wonderful people.

The Dorles

Great pizza & friendly diner. Glad we stopped.

Stacey & Linda

Great Pizza!

Skip & Bev

Great spot!


Great pizza! Gotta try the Faming German Samoan!! To die for!

Robin Lucero

Amazing pizza! Thanks!

Bloom family

Back for our 2nd time. Yum!


Very good food!

Mike & Judy


Dan & Bonnie

Great Pizza!

David & Linda

I think we're glad we couldn't use our charcoal grill.


Have been here three times- Awesome!

Kathy & Don

Great Pizza, I'll be back.

Michael V

Super fast and delicious, we love your sauce!




We love your pizza!

The Zapp family

Great Gluten-free Pizza. Our second time here! We'll be BACK!


If only it were not 1,000 miles away, we would eat every week!

Benjamin & Laura



Awesome Pizza!!! Will come again when at Sturgis 2016 or later.

Liz &Bill

I need a nap now- great pizza!


I don't usually like pizza, but this is an amazing exception!


Best pizza ever! Thank you!


Thanks for the Gluten Free option! Great Pizza!

Mike & Christina

LOVED the pizza. Happy people and a great environment. Would come back if lived closer.


What a place! Hasn't changed in 5 yrs. Since I was last here.


Great Pizza!


It's always the best pizza!


Great Job, keep it up!


Please get garlic knots.


We have been going here every year for 3 years now! We absolutely love it!


This was the best pizza we've ever had around the country!!


Thanks for the break from campfire cooking!

James & Emily

I will be back for the Oriental!


Thanks for your hospitality.


Good food! Thanks for having us!

Rahn family

The pizza & breadsticks are great.


I've never had pizza with Sauerkraut - and I'm German! Well done!


I've eaten a lot of pizza in my life, and this is a whole different category of delicious - hands down, the best pizza I've ever had, without question! The family that owns it could not be more wonderful, which just makes our experience there even more enjoyable every time. You can just feel the love in the atmosphere, and taste it in the pizza - I could go on and on about how amazing Lintz Bros. is in every way. If you haven't tried it yet, you're seriously missing out!

Nicole W.

Really great pizza, yummy!


Awesome Pizza!

Jeremy & Kate

Glad you made it through the storm!

Stu & Shirley

Terrific Pizza! Thank you!

Gerald & Linda

Remodeling looks great!


Great food for our wonderful roadtrip!

Lauren, Chris & Fred

Great food!

Harold & Elaine

Your food is awesome. The staff Rocks! They need raises.


Yum Yum!


Only one pizza place in Sacramento is as good as yours. Outstanding!

Steve & Linny

Had the Pie-Mac, it was amazing! Thank you so much.


Best Pizza!


Delicious Pizza- and Cinnamon Rolls- now we need new pants and another size larger! Thanks so much!

Bob & Gloria

Super pizza! Best food all week!

Phillip & Debbie

The best pizza around, thanks. Keep up the great pizza. I manage the Best Western in Hot Springs and will definitely recommend your place.

Deanna & Chris

Great Pizza, the best!

Mike & Linda

Great Pizza!

Henry & Kerry

LOVED the pizza. Happy people and a great environment. Would come back if lived closer.


Excellent wheat crust! Great place.

John & Becky

Traveling W to visit grandson. Stopped at your pizza place for lunch. Very friendly staff, fast service, along with fresh, hot, super good Pizza!

Mary and Dorothy

Best Pizza we have EVER had!

Pal & Shannon



Great pizza at the new Hermosa restaurant. Will be coming back.

Decker family

We make this our once a week family date night and we all love it!

Tiffany, Todd & boys

Heard you were "World Famous" so had to come from Tacoma, WA to try it out!


So darn Good!!! Great place to stop at. So glad we did.

Eileen & Keith

Pie-Mac=Dyno-mite. Thanks for having us and filling us.


Best pizza we've ever had!!! For Real!

Tom & Pat

The greatest!

Mark & Sharon

Best pizza ever!

Cindy, Barb, & Ilene

In addition to the tourist attractions in the Black Hills, our family makes it a tradition to stop at Lintz Bros for their phenomenal pizza!!!!!

Lisa Shepherd

The pizza was fantastic and the dessert bites were amazing.

The Kane's from NH

Good Pizza! Excellent Cheese Sticks! Worth the drive from Florida!

Joan & Richard

The Wagners came in from Arkansas to see you again Brian. Hope we get to see you before we go back!

Jeremy & Marilyn

Really neat story on the history of the pizza joint. Greatest Pizza EVER!


Lintz Brothers Pizza is a must stop for us every time we visit the Black Hills.


Good Pizza!

The Euberg Family

Best pizza ever!


Excellent pizza! The crust is amazing.

Tracy H

Best Pizza this side of the Equator!

Phil & Marti

Awesome Service & Pizza!

Powell family

Great food!

The Fields family

Long way for a GREAT PIZZA!

Dave J

Great Service & Pizza!

Andrea & James

Awesome Pizza! Good staff too.


Awesome! Thanks y'all!

Kusewitt's & Woodards

Your pizza was wonderful!!

Jimmy & Robin


Paul & Susan

Great Pizza. Keep up the great work.


July 2014 we walked in and thought we might have been teleported back to Orange County, (French Lick, IN) with all of the Larry Bird pictures! Pizza was better however than back home and the hospitality equal to that back home. Ryan has remembered the pizza and says we are going back this summer in 2016. Good food, good people, great memories! And, if you are a Celtic or Larry Bird fan you will love the place.

Rex, Rhea and Ryan

The Big Fat Greek was by far the BEST pizza we've ever had!

Matt, Carrie, Tessa & Alysha

It's gone!


This Place Rocks!

240th Eng

Absolutely marvelous as always!


1200 miles. Excellent pizza.


Delicious! So glad we could stop & eat!

Shady Grove United Methodist

We have been huge fans of Lintz Bris pizza for many years!! By far— the absolute best!!!!!

Deanne Place

Amazing pizza! Thank you!


The best pizza we've ever tasted! Please come to Minnesota soon!!

Glenn & Emily

GO CHIEFS! Excellent really great pizza!!


Delicious pizza! I appreciate enormously. Thank you!

Helena & Lara

We've been coming here since you opened. Never head west without stopping. Great food!


Excellent pizza! Thanks! 20 miles south of the garden. Your pizza is awesome!

The Mason Family

Great pizza and great service!

Dell & Sharon

I like your pizza! Best in the USA. In Ukraine we don't have such a good pizza. Good job!


It was fantastic pizza! We stopped there for a late lunch after driving through Custer State Park and were very pleasantly surprised. The dough, the cheese and the sausage were delicious. Highly recommend this place if you are anywhere in the area!


Great Pizza! Enjoyed the experience.

Jerry & Gerri

Very good pizza, Thanks!

Holenstein Family

Awesome pizza & service!! Keep up the great work!


Really hungry for pizza and so happy to find your place! Traveling from California to Minnesota and loved Custer National Park and the Buffalo!

Coral & Ramont

Very Good Brian! Good to see you!


These Germans make a mean Pizza!! Can't wait to come back


Stumbled across Lintz Brothers on a trip to the Black Hills, and what a fantastic find it was! Seriously some of the most amazing pizza we've ever had! We got the Flaming German Samoan and the pepperoni. DELICIOUS!

Brittany & Brandon

Best pizza I have ever had!


The best pizza hands down!!!

Heidi Alexander

Awesome Pizza! Love lean Greek!


Yummy! Very Good Pizza!

Chelsea R

Best ever and I'm Italian!


Love it. People also great!


Phenomenal Pizza!!

The Mattson family

Delicious... We'll be back!

Vern & Kyme

I love your pizza!

Bob & Cheryl

Second time here and just as good!

Dale & Barb

Just Hungry! Good Food? We'll see.. It's damn GREAT!!


What a great lunch break to a wonderful day.

Nate, Sarah, & Bethany

I can't wait to follow & stalk you at the International Pizza championships in Las Vegas!!


Really good!


Excellent watering hole & best pizza east of the Rockies.

Karl & Marie,

The best pizza in the USA.


First time- really GREAT pizza!

The Durkee's

How far would you drive for a far-out pizza? This is the kind of Pizza that all others are rated by.

Brian & Trish